From this Friday, 15 May, Rugby clubs can start non-contact training in groups of up to 10 people.
The following protocols must be adhered to:


  • Any person showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend training and must seekmedical advice. This MUST be communicated forcefully to your players.
  • Get in, train, get out – Training is not a social occasion
    • Players must be prepared for training prior to arrival so as to minimize the need to use
    • change rooms, bathrooms
    • Ideally, changerooms are to stay closed. Players are not to congregate indoors at any time
    • Players are to bring their own water bottles
    • Players are to register as normal via the Fusesport Rugby App. Players MUST be registered
    • before attending any form of training.
    • Players are to download the COVIDSafe App
  • Clean your training equipment and facilities. Hand sanitizer to be readily available pre, post and during training
  • Make sure your council/ground owner knows you will be commencing training
  • Club officials to familiarize themselves with the protocols for a player testing positive for COVID—19


  • Training must be in groups of no more than 10 people. Those 10 people must have adequate spacing, maintaining a distance of 1.5m while training where possible.
  • Training is non-contact – No tackling of players, no rucks, mauls, scrums or lineouts. Accidental contact will inevitably occur but there is to be no deliberate body contact drills
  • Emphasis to be on fitness and skill drills using a ball, kicking and passing. No touch football or Oztag.
  • Clubs can have multiple groups training at once but they must be entirely distinct and separate, properly spaced apart and the groups are not to interact or mingle with each other
  • Footballs and tackle BAGS (not hit shields) are allowed, but must not be shared between groups. (e.g. do not set up a tackle bag station which each group takes turns at it.)


  • Players to go home ASAP and shower
  • No socializing or group meals
  • Clubs to clean equipment


  • The government has announced a stepped progression towards relaxing restrictions
  • The NSW government has not given an exact timeline of this progression


  • The quickest way to kill off our chances of getting a comp going this year is to ignore the above
  • PLEASE get your Covid-19 era procedures in place and get your players back to training